The Audit Bureau has revealed in its annual report for 2022 incidents of corruption in the government sector, including collusion with the state’s opponents in litigations and disputes by writing correspondences that strengthen the position of the opponents against the Libyan state and its interests in lawsuits pending international arbitration.

The Audit Bureau confirmed the use of public funds to achieve private and third-party gains and the manipulation of public bids to award certain undeserving companies. It pointed out the seizure of public money through unsettled funds or those settled with forged invoices and exaggeration of subsistence contracts, travel tickets, and accommodation to the point of luxury at the expense of public funds.

The report also unveiled the embezzlement of public funds through fake contracts and payment of the value of supplies or services that were not implemented. It said some public funds had been stolen by transferring them to external parties without providing the necessary guarantees, which resulted in the lost funds and their seizure by the foreign party without implementing its contractual obligations.

The report confirmed the seizure of public money by paying fake salaries with forged national identification numbers, as well as the waste of public funds by receiving more than one salary. It highlighted the extravagance in expenses for hotel accommodation abroad and travel tickets for unnecessary work or for the benefit of people who do not represent the state, in addition to tampering with the overseas scholarship program, pointing out the conflict of interest through the duality between working in the public sector and owning companies that deal with the same sector.