The Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) filed at the Public Prosecutor's Office in Tripoli a case of corruption, financial and legal violations against the Deputy Health Minister of the Eastern Interim Government Saad Aaqoub.

The HoR's health commission has accused Aaqoub of evading the implementation of three previous court orders in different places, adding that his violations could be considered criminal as he had been disregarding the laws.

"Aaqoub has also tried to use the money allocated for treatment of children in Jordan, such as tumors and other chronic diseases. He tried to transfer the funds to Egypt so he can freely use them." The committee said in the case filed at the Public Prosecutor.

The claims were backed by the Head of the Children Hospital in Benghazi, Muftah Al-Falah, who told Al-Bayda-based Central Bank governor not to allocate the money to the health ministry as Aaqoub is involved in financial corruption.

Meanwhile, Aaqoub denied the accusations, saying he would be ready to face them at the administrative control authority and the Public Prosecutor.