The Libyan embassy in Sudan said that the Libyan community, including students, and staff of the diplomatic mission, are safe, pointing out that it has not received any distress calls or reports from members of the Libyan community since the start of the recent clashes.

The embassy confirmed, in a statement on Sunday evening, that it had put out phone numbers for communication in case of distress or need for help, so that the embassy team could coordinate urgently with the humanitarian agencies, such as the Red Crescent, volunteer organizations, or government civilian institutions in the areas of fighting.

The embassy has also said that it continues to follow developments taking place in the Sudanese capital and other cities on a daily basis, stressing that it is ready to deal with developments in all levels, including actions related to supporting the Sudanese people in their current ordeal.

It renewed its warning to all members of the Libyan community of the need to avoid going out and movement in the areas of the clashes until safe corridors, which international and regional parties seek to open for civilians as soon as possible, are provided and airspace is open.