The Libyan Foreign Ministry said it had rejected the nomination of the Arab League of Libya's ambassador Saleh Al-Shamakhi for the position of Head of Arab League Mission in Madrid because he had finished his term in his position and no longer represented Libya in the Arab League.

The Foreign Ministry added in a statement Sunday that Al-Shamakhi had exceeded his tenure as per the Libyan and international laws and because he had refused to hand over his position, he was asked to resign last June, saying that it had told the Arab League that it wanted to nominate a qualified, experienced person for the job.

The Presidential Council's Head, Mohammed Menfi, responded to this crisis that was created by the Foreign Ministry by saying that naming or sacking heads of diplomatic missions is a decision that shall be made by the Presidential Council members.

The Presidential Council called on the Government of National Unity to ask the Foreign Ministry to transfer the files of the diplomats whose terms ended or committed violations to the Presidential Council, considering all the decisions made by the Foreign Ministry regarding ending diplomatic missions overseas annulled.

The Foreign Minister Najla Al-Mangoush told the Presidential Council in May about ending the terms of diplomats Wafa Bugaigis, Saleh Al-Shamakhi, and Sanina Ghouma, after ending their four-year tenures, calling for appointing replacements.

Legally, the General Attorney's Office said the Foreign Ministry's decisions regarding diplomatic missions are a violation of the laws that permit only the Presidential Council to do so, adding that such decisions put Al-Mangoush into a situation where she should be subject to legal action.