The Presidential Council (PC) issued a statement on Saturday announcing the approval of the security arrangements to secure Greater Tripoli area.

The security arrangements are proposed by the committee that was formed last month in the wake of bloody clashes in Tripoli between armed groups in southern Tripoli districts.

"All concerned authorities shall start taking the needed measures to implement the security arrangements. The commander of the Tripoli joint operations center shall also go ahead with the arrangements in coordination with the involved apparatuses." The statement reads.

It also called on the commander to report constantly on the process of implementing the security arrangements, the media office of the PC reported.

Last Tuesday, the PC's Head Fayez Al-Sirraj, announced approving the security plan to secure Greater Tripoli that was devised by the committee.

The security arrangements will guarantee the safety of residents, their properties, and state properties as well. They will also establish general law and order in the capital and take measures to coordinate with the UNSMIL as regards to prevailing security.

The PC found itself compelled to speed up the implementation of the security arrangements, which were part of the political agreement signed in December 2015, after the clashes in Tripoli and the subsequent pressure by UNSMIL.