Khaid Al-Tawati

The National General Company for Maritime Transport has issued a statement reporting the continued kidnapping of its Executive Director, Khaled Al-Tuwati. 

According to the statement, Al-Tuwati was kidnapped from in front of his home five days ago following a board meeting. 

The company confirmed that it had alerted the Attorney General's office, the government, and other relevant authorities to identify the perpetrators responsible for the incident, but to no avail.

In the absence of flagrante delicto, no citizen may be detained without permission from the public prosecution, the company said, as it urged prompt action in this regard.

The statement held the kidnappers and all related parties accountable for the safety of Al-Tuwati, as well as for any harm caused to the company's operations, both internally and externally. 

As a result, the company noted that its employees are currently unable to perform their duties due to the deteriorating security conditions, warning to enter an open-ended sit-in until Al-Tuwati is released and the overall stability of the company's operations is ensured.