The mayor of Al-Bayda city, Safi Al-Deen Hiba, announced on Sunday evening that the situation was out of control as a result of the floods in the city caused by Storm Daniel, calling on all authorities in Libya to intervene urgently to save the lives.

Hiba said, in a video recording from inside Al-Bayda Medical Center, that the situation in the city was completely out of control, calling on "all governments and officials to intervene urgently," and holding them fully responsible for the of the people's safety. He also called on the residents to stay inside their homes and not go out except when absolutely necessary, calling on all security and service agencies to help rescue those stranded outside as a result of the floods and torrents that swept the city.

Meanwhile, the Municipality of Al-Bayda slapped a curfew on Sunday, in addition to an agreement with hotel managements to host stranded people.

Earlier on Sunday night, the Prime Minister-designate, Osama Hammad, announced controlling 80% of the areas affected by the floods, with the exception of three areas, especially Al-Bayda.

The Ambulance and Emergency Apparatus also said that the situation in Al-Bayda had reached a “red line” status due to the floods, with the loss of two ambulance vehicles, the collapse of part of its branch building in the city, water entering the hospital, and power outage.

Torrents and heavy rainfall flooded the building of Al-Bayda Medical Center in the Jabal Al-Akhdar area, after its back wall collapsed due to the pressure of floods as a result of the bad weather wave caused by Storm Daniel that had been sweeping through eastern Libya since early Saturday.