Head of the Presidential Council, Mohamed Menfi, has met with the Special Envoy of the French President to Libya, Paul Soler, with whom he discussed France’s support for the work of the High Finance Committee and ensuring the holding of Libyan elections.

A statement by the Presidential Council said that Menfi received Soler in the presence of French Ambassador Mostafa Mihraje at the council’s headquarters on Saturday.   

The statement added that Soler conveyed to Menfi the greetings of French President Macron, and stressed his country's keen interest on the necessity of continuing the state of stability in Libya, and its support for the head of the Council in all his steps to address the political impasse and ensure that elections are held in an appropriate environment in which all Libyans take part.

The Presidential Council indicated that the meeting touched on French support for applying standards of disclosure and transparency, rationalizing spending, and fair use of financial resources to implement development projects.

The two parties also discussed the bilateral relations that bring the two countries together in all fields. Menfi was reported to have stressed; “France’s pivotal role in the Libyan issue and its unlimited support for the work of the Presidential Council in preparation for holding free, fair and transparent elections as soon as possible.”