The Head of the Administrative Control Authority, Abdullah Gaderbou, discussed with the French President’s advisor and special envoy to Libya, Paul Soler, financial reforms and oversight in enhancing the rationalization of public spending and supporting the transparency of financial operations, and sustainable development.

The two sides also discussed in the meeting held at the Elysee Palace in Paris Gaderbou's vision regarding oversight in the distribution of financial resources in a fair manner, with the aim of achieving a better balance in the use of public funds and ensuring the maximum benefits for society in general, as well as France’s role in supporting reform and economic governance efforts.

They also stressed the need to reach fair and transparent elections by strengthening the systems and procedures that guarantee the integrity of the electoral process, saying this is considered an essential part of the Administrative Control Authority’s efforts to enhance integrity, good governance, and the principles of justice and transparency in government work.

Gaderbou said that France was an important partner in promoting stability, economic and social development in the region, adding that it sought to provide the necessary support to achieve reforms and positive developments in partner countries.

According to the Administrative Control Authority, this Paris visit comes within the ongoing efforts of the Chairman to achieve effective oversight of state funds and follow up on the performance of executive agencies, considering these efforts as crucial in building strong, reliable and effective sovereign institutions in the field of good governance and sustainable development.