Military cargo plane lands at Haftar-controlled Sirte

Military cargo plane lands at Haftar-controlled Sirte

December 17, 2020 - 10:38
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

A military cargo plane, on Wednesday, landed at Al-Qardabiya Base in the Haftar-controlled city of Sirte, spokesman for the Sirte Al-Jufra Operations Room, Brigadier General Al-Hadi Drah has confirmed, noting that this is the second flight for the same plane to land at the base within a week.

According to Drah, the cargo plane, which landed in the early morning hours was carrying military equipment and ammunition. He disclosed that the move coincided with an intense presence of Russian mercenaries in the vicinity of the airbase.

This also comes hours after the landing of an "Airbus-A320" cargo plane, at Benina Airport in Benghazi coming from Syria. The aircraft was carrying "Syrian mercenaries" to support Haftar's militia," according to previous statements by Brigadier General Drah.

Drah accused Haftar of not abiding by the ceasefire, pointing to the continued landing of cargo planes carrying supplies to his militias.