A cluster of military leaders from Misurata has said they would not accept the participation of Khalifa Haftar and Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi in the Libyan presidential elections.

"The flawed electoral laws opened the way for those seeking to militarize the state and impose the individual rule," the leaders said in a televised statement, warning that the country will enter an endless cycle of violence if the "criminals" take overpower.

They reiterated their rejection to see Haftar or Saif in any position in the state. "We refuse to communicate with Haftar, his sons, and Saif Gaddafi. We are the striking force on the ground."

They also denounced the decision to hold presidential elections before the referendum on the constitution and condemned the electoral commission's work, saying that it lacked impartiality.

The statement called for the election of a parliament that would complete the constitution and demanded the UN mission not to interfere in the Libyan affairs, hinting that the solution could not be dictated or imposed from the outside.