A resident from Benghazi, identified as Salem Al-Sha'eri, has been jailed along with his wife and children in the notorious Kweifieh Prison, the Libyan Crime Watch (LCW) said on Sunday.

According to the organization, an armed militia belonging to Khalifa Haftar attacked the family's home in the Al-Hadaek neighbourhood and committed property offences, including burglary.

The militias released the wife and children later, but they were dropped off, in the middle of nowhere, in the streets.

The LCW condemned the continuing violations against civilians in Benghazi, calling on the Government of National Unity to take action against the recurrence of such crimes.

Benghazi is witnessing security chaos under the militias rule, as several crimes were reported during the past few days, the most recent of which was the killing of a four-year-old child, who was shot along with his two siblings and mother.

Meanwhile, the Benghazi security chamber affiliated with Haftar had advised people to seek self-protection, confirming that the situation is beyond its control.