The Minister of Social Affairs of the Government of National Unity, Wafaa Al-Kilani, presented with the head of the Audit Bureau, Khalid Shakshak, her Ministry's vision regarding the disbursement of the mother and children’s grant, in addition to the procedures for disbursing grants to the displaced people of Derna and the measures regarding the localization of treatment of autism inside the country.

During the meeting on Thursday in Tripoli, Al-Kilani confirmed that the Ministry had addressed the Audit Bureau’s observations regarding the procedures for disbursing the grant, and the procedures for receiving autism patients and housing them in the specialized centers in Libya, pointing to the Ministry’s intention to sign an agreement with the specialized center in Jordan to train and qualify doctors and those responsible for providing direct patient care services.

Shakshak stressed the need to ensure the ability of local centers to accommodate children with autism, while Al-Kilani indicated the Ministry’s intention to establish 5 additional centers within its plan for 2024.

The two sides agreed on the necessity of reviewing the debts based on the autism patient file, verifying their reliability, and expediting their repayment.

The Ministry aims to develop 23 centers across Libya in 2024, after completing the training program scheduled to be signed in the coming period.