Minstry of Justice denounces silence toward UAE arbitrary detention of Libyans

Minstry of Justice denounces silence toward UAE arbitrary detention of Libyans

August 31, 2015 - 11:57
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Written By: Abed

The Ministry of Justice in the Salvation Government has denounced the arbitrary arrest and torture of the Libyan detainees in the UAE, urging its authorities to set them free immediately .

In a statement on Sunday, the Ministry held the UAE accountable for the deterioration of the health conditions of the detainees, who have been imprisoned for over a year now without any charges.

The statement, read by the Ministry of Justice spokesperson, Wissam Al-Sagheer, indicated that the Ministry is deeply concerned and is keeping a close eye into the issue as the detainees’ human rights, which are supported by international laws the world over and the UAE, were violated by the arbitrary arrest from the UAE authorities having not disclosed why and where they are detained up until today.

The statement decried also the UAE policy that aims at undermining the Libyan revolution, adding that it is strange that such deeds have come from the UAE as to detain the Libyans without any charges against them. It also pointed out that the UAE is trying to damage the Arab Spring revolutions, which brought a radical change to the Arab regimes and this is manifested in its arbitrary arrests and its anti- Libyan revolution policies.

“We warn the UAE of the consequences of its intervention in the Libyan local affairs and urge its authorities and officials to not to spoil the mutual relations between the two countries as well as to not favor the anti-February parties over the pro-ones.” The statement continued.

The Ministry also called, in the statement, on the Arab Maghreb Union to assume its responsibilities toward the Libyan citizens, as Libya is part of the Union, and then called on the International Community to coordinate with the UNSMIL and expose the violations made by the UAE in public.