A group of Bazina Street locals in Misrata city, from where Fathi Bashagha comes, have given the House of Representatives-designated Prime Minister 24 hours to evacuate all armed vehicles and fighters affiliated with him from the area and keep it outside the conflict.

The locals denounced Monday the killing and intimidation in Tripoli and what is happening as well in Misrata, including blocking roads, especially Bazina road by people from outside the area, not to mention the presence of mercenaries among civilians.

The locals said they were "Bazina Street, Farran and Sidi Mubarak revolutionaries" and blamed Bashagha for anything that happens stemming from his actions and saying that Bashagha is the one responsible for the division that could take place among Misrata revolutionaries for his efforts to reach power.

The statement came two days after Tripoli clashes that killed 32 people and injured 159, according to the Health Ministry.

Forces loyal to Bashagha mobilized in Bazina Street in Misrata on Sunday and threatened to shut down the airport and port of the city as well as the road leading to Tripoli in protest of the order of arrest and travel ban against Bashagha and a number of his leaderships that took part in Tripoli clashes.