The Ministry of Transport has announced the resumption of regular air traffic at Mitiga Airport following the temporary rerouting of flights to Misrata International Airport.

The decision to change the routes was made after an air ambulance plane experienced a tire explosion and deviated from its course during landing.

The Transport Ministry reported, citing the Director of the Office for Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation, Essam Nasrat, that a Cessna 560 belonging to the Air Ambulance Service veered off course during its landing on the runway of Mitiga International Airport on Saturday morning, around 09:12 local time. Fortunately, there were no human or material losses reported.

The plane was initially scheduled to fly from Mitiga to Benina Airport in Benghazi before continuing on to Tunisia for an emergency medical mission. However, it encountered a technical malfunction after takeoff, which forced it to return and make an emergency landing at Mitiga Airport.