Security sources have revealed that the UAE spy Yousif Saqir Wilayati, who was arrested in Tripoli, had obtained an entry visa to Libya from the Libyan Embassy in London on October 26, and travelled on the same day from London to the Jordanian capital Amman from where he flew to the city of Tobruk in eastern Libya.

The sources added that Wilayati then travelled from Tobruk to Tripoli on a domestic flight on November 05 and stayed at Al-Mahari Radisson Blu Hotel, which is overlooking the Turkish Embassy premises.

During his stay at the hotel, he filmed a 25-minute clip of the Turkish Embassy, along with some Libyan institutions such as the Supreme Court and the National Museum.

Wilayati was arrested at Mitiga Airport minutes before his departure. After his arrest, he was allowed to contact his family, according to security sources.

Meanwhile, Dubai Police has claimed that its relationship with Wilayati ended five years ago when  he was involved in a sex scandal. He was dismissed and stripped of his military rank in 2010, according to claims.

However, a document found in Wilayati’s laptop refutes Dubai Police claims. The document shows the UAE Sergeant Yousif Wilayati obtained a certificate of "good conduct" issued by the Directorate General of Investigation in September 2011, signed and sealed by Major General Khalil Ibrahim Mohammad Al-Mansouri.

Security sources indicated that Wilayati currently works for the UAE intelligence service.