The Mufti of Libya, Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani, has warned of what is rumored about the Egyptian government’s water exploration operations on the border with Libya unilaterally and without coordination with the Libyan authorities, saying it is considered a violation of the state’s sovereignty.

The Mufti blamed Khalifa Haftar and the House of Representatives for the Egyptian exploration operations that harm the water resources of the State of Libya. He added that Haftar and his sons were responsible for the violation of the country's sovereignty by Russian mercenaries and corruption in the so-called reconstruction projects, describing them as a means used by Haftar's sons to steal. 

The Mufti also called on all Libyans to take out to the streets to stop the corruption. He condemned the violations carried out by Haftar's forces in the city of Al-Bayda against the protesters denouncing the deteriorating security situation in the city.

Media outlets confirmed that Egypt had begun implementing the Man-made river project on the Libyan border in order to use up the huge groundwater that Libya possesses in the Kufra Basin region.