The Spokesman of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos forces and the UN-proposed government's Defense Ministry, Brigadier General Mohammed Al-Ghasri, has revealed that there could be some sort of military operation by NATO in Libya.

Speaking to Alnabaa TV, Al-Ghasri said Tuesday that the current surveillance operation that NATO had started in Libya will be followed by military operations, adding that the whole process will be in coordination with the UN-proposed Presidential Council and Defense Ministry.

Al-Ghasri added that what Libya is in need for now is a prepared army, indicating that internal training centers in the country are sufficient for such a necessity.

"The Libyan army should be unified and any foreign military presence in the country should come to an end as it could have negative effects on the country." Al-Ghasri remarked.

Terrorists from the Islamic State (IS) controlled Saturday evening the district of Wadi Al-Hamar - 90 km away from Sirte - and according to eyewitnesses, they set up checkpoints and kidnapped at least three people, after they had been on a hit-and-run style of appearance for awhile.

Meanwhile, Haftar's forces announced a month ago that they controlled all central Libya's area, which starts from eastern Sirte, attempting to attack Sirte twice, one of which was a simultaneous attack with IS (Haftar's forces from the east and IS from the south.)