The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) expressed anger on Saturday about the call of the European Parliament's President, Antonio Tajani, for setting up refugee camps in Libya.

In a statement, the NCHRL condemned Tajani's statements that he made to Italian newspaper, Il Giornale, voicing dismay at the EU attempts to settle immigrants in Libya and prioritize Europe's interests to those of Libya's national security.

"EU policies are intended to violate humanitarian values, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the international humanitarian law as well as the international refugee law." said the NCHRL.  adding that such policies will badly influence the current efforts and duties done by the EU countries to fight illegal immigration.

It added that the EU must assume its responsibility toward the suffering of the immigrants as per the international laws not leave all the burden to Libya by installing such refugee camps.

"All Libyan political parties must reject such a call as it is one step in a series that aims at achieving the aims and interests of Europe at the expense of Libya." NCHRL added.

Likewise, the spokesman of the Libyan Navy, Ayoub Qassim, said Europe is not serious in fighting illegal immigration and it is working to make Libya a haven for all immigrants to later pick and choose what immigrants are eligible for arriving in EU countries.

"Libya won't allow such a policy to pass." Qassim remarked.

He also said that the rise in numbers of illegal immigrants this year is crystal clear evidence for the fact that the EU and international community are merely helping illegal immigration to prosper as if they are encouraging Africans to leave their countries and finally witness the continent void of any citizens.