Nearly 50 parliament members denounce the military attack on western region

Nearly 50 parliament members denounce the military attack on western region

April 09, 2019 - 09:53
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

49 members of the House of Representatives (HoR) - mostly from the western region - condemned in a statement Monday, the treacherous attack against Tripoli and its environs, calling for an immediate ceasefire and the return of the attacking force to its headquarters.

The MPs emphasized that they are following with great concern the ongoing military operations around the capital Tripoli and the serious consequences that could result from such events.

"These operations come at a time where a degree of optimism prevailed, prior to the National Conference that aims at harmonizing views towards a road map that would bring the crisis in our country to an end, and accelerate the presidential and legislative elections according to a constitutional basis, as well as resolving areas of disagreement," the statement read.

The MPs also stressed their alignment with a peaceful political solution, as well as their total rejection to the use of the language of force and weapons or the attempts to impose a fait accompli by force, saying that war only brings tragedies, hatred, and denigrates the country's capabilities and endangers the civilian lives and civil peace.

The MPs considered that this escalation would be a setback to many young people wishing to abandon weapons, warning that it would create a propitious atmosphere for extremist terrorist groups who would take advantage of the chaos, and in turn, will submerge the country into a war.

They also stressed their adherence to a civilized state and the peaceful transfer of power, through the ballot boxes, which the people have chosen, away from the language of arms.

The MPs further noted the importance of unifying the military and security institutions, and the building of the military and police institutions according to the principles and professional standards recognized internationally, in addition to accelerating the implementation of decisions regarding the integration of armed formation members in various state institutions.

They also demanded the United Nations to undertake its duties in protecting civilians, supporting the Libyan people in their crisis through a peaceful and political solution, and to react more vigorously towards the current events.

In conclusion, the lawmakers called on the relevant parties to stop the negative intervention and push towards calm and political solutions.