The Libyan-American Alliance announced that it had filed a lawsuit in the US courts in favor of the Libyan victims against Khalifa Haftar and the Wagner Group, as well as its boss Yevgeny Prigozhin.

The Alliance announced in a statement that its lawyer, Tania Manson, would reveal during a press conference the details of filing the lawsuit against Prigozhin and Haftar at the Washington Federal Court, accusing them of violating human rights and committing war crimes against Libyan civilians.

The lawsuit accuses Haftar and Prigozhin of deliberately torturing the plaintiffs and committing murder and torture against their family members, saying they are liable for damages under the Torture Victims Protection Act.

The statement indicated that Haftar was named as a defendant in 3 separate civil lawsuits in the Eastern District Court of Virginia, for the extrajudicial killing and torture of Libyan civilians. On July 29, 2022, the court found Haftar liable presumptively for plaintiffs' claims under the Torture Victims Protection Act.

The American-Libyan Alliance was the lead counsel for the first lawsuit filed against Haftar, on behalf of several families who lost loved ones during the attack on Tripoli in April 2019.