news recap

UN envoy urges Libya's HoR to ramp up efforts to reach political settlement


HoR members blame Central Bank Governor for Libyan economic crisis


Russia's embassy says "The Daily Telegraph" reports aim to damage relations with Libya


TIKA: Ready to assist Libya in combating Rift Valley Fever


Takala meets US officials


NOC Chairman, US envoy discuss oil production and fuel smuggling


Libyan Supreme Court responds to Parliament's accusations of bias


Norland confirms Washington's support for Bathily efforts to advance political process


Dbeibah discusses with Canadian Ambassador educational cooperation


Menfi confirms to US envoy cooperation with UNSMIL to reach political settlement


Afriqiyah Airways resumes flights from Tripoli to Sudan Airports


Al-Sayeh meets with Chargé d'Affaires of Saudi Embassy in Libya


Hammad calls for probing Dbeibah to reveal sources of unknown spending


Libyan PM confirms to US envoy his support for international efforts to hold elections


Italy detains ship after dispute with Libyan Coast Guard over migrant rescue


Al-Koni irregulardiscusses migration with UK officials


Health minister urges healthcare institutions to treat Palestinians on par with citizens


Canada reiterates support for HNEC in Libya


Menfi discusses with French ambassador ways to reach consensus between the actors in Libya


Central Bank Governor informs US envoy about measures to boost value of Libyan dinar


Minister of economy: Libya seeks long-term partnership with Bangladesh


Ministry of Industry reviews investment with Kuwaiti companies


Dbeibah, Shakshak discuss issues of fuel and controlling prices


Sudan agrees to indirect negotiations led by Libya and Turkey to resolve conflict


Interior Minister proposes forming joint force with Haftar's forces to secure southern Libya


PM Dbeibah tells British Minister: Libya isn't final destination for illegal immigrants


German NGO accuses Libyan authorities of firing at rescue ship


Libya, Italy unify chambers of commerce to facilitate bilateral trade


French exports to Libya hit eight-year high at $325 million


NCHA warns of economic consequences of foot-and-mouth disease outbreak