news recap

Ministry of Foreign Affairs reviews the return of South Korean companies to Libya


GNU says it doesn't mind working with Russia as per diplomatic protocols


EU says Libya shouldn't bear burdens of immigrants alone


Official at Benghazi Specialized Surgery Center detained for corruption


Africom: Russia taking swift steps to control areas in Africa including Libya


Misrata Medical Centre opens Emergency Department expansion, Nursing Institute


Elkaber meets French officials to discuss financial strategies


Central Bank Governor reviews in Paris French support for Libya


Public Prosecutor announces arrest of kidnapper of 4-year-old child in Zliten


UN envoy urges Libya's HoR to ramp up efforts to reach political settlement


HoR members blame Central Bank Governor for Libyan economic crisis


Russia's embassy says "The Daily Telegraph" reports aim to damage relations with Libya


TIKA: Ready to assist Libya in combating Rift Valley Fever


Takala meets US officials


NOC Chairman, US envoy discuss oil production and fuel smuggling


Libyan Supreme Court responds to Parliament's accusations of bias