Authorities in Libya have arrested nine people, including a local, for their alleged involvement in fuel smuggling activities via the maritime route, the Public Prosecution Office announced on Saturday.

The suspects -accused of belonging to a global criminal organization- are facing charges of attempting to smuggle 100,000 litres of diesel fuel through a transport ship anchored off the coast of Zuwara, west of Libya, the office stated.

"The Deputy Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, within the jurisdiction of the Tripoli Court of Appeal, opened an investigation into the incident after a report from the judicial officer of the Coast Guard," the office added.

The investigation included the suspects and the transportation methods, which judicial officers successfully detected.

The law enforcement officials searched the ship before arresting the owner of the vessel, the crew, and the supplier of the smuggled material.

During interrogation the suspects confessed to transporting one hundred thousand litres of diesel fuel to a ship anchored off the coast of Zuwara, confirming that they had repeated this act more than once. 

The Public Prosecutor’s Office said that those involved in the incident were caught red-handed, while investigations are ongoing to apprehend the remaining suspects.