The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has called on all its subsidiaries to take the utmost care and caution, and to declare a state of high alert, to confront the expected storm, calling for reducing movement outside oil sites, and halting flights between oil and gas fields.

The NOC stressed in a letter to the branch companies on Sunday that it was necessary to conduct drilling and maintenance operations to the minimum, and to ensure the occupational safety of workers and equipment, and to stop them if necessary.

The NOC also called for monitoring ports and freight traffic, taking measures to maintain the highest levels of safety, not taking risks, and taking the necessary measures to protect industrial units, production lines, storage units, facilities, and other floods and drifts.

It clarified that this would be achieved by working with the minimum number of workers, and not leaving them until the end of the weather storm, noting the need to provide appropriate conditions for workers, including foodstuffs and water. It also allowed the companies to assess the situation for any necessary precautionary measures in accordance with the requirements of security and safety, and to inform it of those procedures urgently, stressing that the emergency teams in the Oil Crescent Region needed to be fully prepared and on alert. 

The cities of northeast Libya are witnessing a state of security alert and medical preparations as a result of the arrival of Storm Daniel in a number of areas, including Benghazi, Derna, Al-Bayda and Al-Marj.