The US Ambassador/ Special Envoy to Libya, Richard Norland, has reiterated the need to establish a unified body that includes all authorities to oversee the reconstruction funding process for flood-affected areas in Libya.

In a statement Friday, the US Embassy in Libya quoted Norland saying that "Libyans need to be assured public funds are used transparently, accountably, and that assistance goes to those in need."

He urged Libyan authorities to form such unified structures that represent the Libyan people without further delay, rather than launching separate initiatives.

Norland further expressed the readiness of the international community to extend support in the flood recovery effort with both financial and technical expertise.

He noted that the reconstruction conference slated to occur in Benghazi on October 10 would be much more effective if conducted jointly and inclusively in coordination with relevant institutions.

In conclusion, the US diplomat reiterated Washington's willingness to collaborate with Libyan officials across the country and with the UN to support a reconstruction program that instills confidence in Libyans.


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