The Ministry of Oil and Gas in the Government of National Unity requested information from the British Foreign Office regarding the statements of its officials about corruption in the Libyan oil sector, saying it took notice of the issue and started collecting data to help it correctly understand the meaning of the statement.

The Ministry said Thursday that it had taken notice of the statement of the British Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Undersecretary, David Routley, regarding what he described as "corruption in the Libyan oil sector" in response to a question posed by the British Member of Parliament from the Conservative Party, Daniel Kawczynski.

Routley revealed the British Foreign Office’s intention to investigate any accusations or suspicions related to corruption, saying that they would "take measures to enhance integrity and ensure that Libyan wealth is used responsibly in accordance with international legislation.”

British Minister of State at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, also spoke of “noticeable corruption” in the Libyan oil sector, which reflects on the progress of the political process and prevents stability and development in Libya, adding that Britain would work with international partners to “address issues of transparency and Libyan oil smuggling."

She said that any action taken by Britain would find support in the Security Council resolution that could give it the authority to impose sanctions on individuals and entities that threaten the stability of Libya.

The Ministry of Oil said in its statement that it is the body entrusted with monitoring and supervising the investment of oil wealth, and in view of the seriousness of the British Foreign Office’s statements, it has given this issue great attention to find out the circumstances that would clarify all aspects of those explicit and hidden statements, and enable it to properly understand the meaning of the statement regarding corruption in the oil sector, as well as familiarize itself with the legal aspects related to claims of interference in local affairs and infringement of Libyan sovereignty under the name of applying legislation outside the borders.

The Ministry also wrote to the Libyan Foreign Ministry to address the British issue and request more information, statements and details about the matter so that it can take the necessary measures and submit a complete final report to the government and the judicial, supervisory and audit authorities in the country.