The Ministry of Oil and Gas on Sunday expressed its support for the Prime Minister's decision, which requires all government entities to adhere to the principles of transparency, anti-corruption, and impartiality.

Since taking office in March 2021, the current administration of the Oil Ministry has been advocating for these measures. They have been consistently communicating with the Prime Minister, regulatory authorities, and affiliated entities, specifically the National Oil Corporation, to prevent any financial, administrative, or technical violations, and to combat corruption, the ministry said on Facebook.

The statement expressed concern that reports of corruption, whether from local sources such as Libyan regulatory bodies or international organizations, could reduce the chances of investment in the sector by painting an unfavorable picture of the investment climate in Libya.

On September 10, PM Dbeibah issued a circular to the heads of public entities, underscoring the importance of job commitment, adherence to the principles of transparency, governance systems, and prevention of corruption, mediation, and favouritism.

He also warned of legal actions against violators of applicable legislation and regulations.