Indiscriminate shelling by Khalifa Haftar's forces on Salah Al-Deen neighborhood in southern Tripoli injured a child and several civilians and shut down an elementary school, eyewitnesses said, adding that the shells fell on a house and nearby the school.

The eyewitnesses said the shells came from close fighting zones and hit Jahider family's house, injuring one child mildly, while other shells fell near Rajab Al-Naeb elementary school when pupils were inside, shattering windows and forcing the administration to send the children back home.

Other random shells fired by Haftar's forces fell at the parking of Nukhba Clinic in Salah Al-Deen, causing the death of a child and injuries to a man and sending everyone into panic.

In the meantime, the supervisor of education at the municipality of Ain Zara suspended study at seven schools due to continued clashes.

In Ain Zara in southern Tripoli, medicine storages were hit by random shelling by Haftar's forces as well, according to the spokesman for Ambulance and Emergency Apparatus Osama Ali, who added that there were no casualties from the shelling.

Khallit Al-Furjan and Nahr Road areas near civilian residential areas of Hadba and Salah Al-Deen saw heavy clashes since early Monday morning as Special Deterrence Force advanced on Haftar's forces and retook significant positions from them after the latter seized them with the help of heavy airpower over the last days.