The ambassador of the European Union to Libya, Jose Sabadell, said his mission for the last three years had worked with the West, the East, and the South and as the good neighbors of Libya, they fully supported the success of Libya in terms of stability, security, democracy and prosperity.

"After 3 years as EU Ambassador to Libya, I will be ending my mission today. It has been an amazing privilege to serve here!" Sabadell said on X. 

He added that he was particularly happy that his delegation had fully returned to Tripoli and was working inside Libya full time over two years now, adding: "This made it possible to exchange closely with Libyan actors, support ongoing political process and contribute to improve quality of life for Libyans."

Sabadell said a lot had improved since his arrival in September 2020, in particular in terms of security, adding that the missing piece seemed to be a political consensus among Libyan leaders on a common future for the country that would serve the interests of the Libyan people.

"The human and economic potential to provide a better life for all Libyans is already present, a political agreement would make it possible. Transparency and a fair distribution of oil income is central. I have been lucky to enjoy the Old City of Tripoli, to visit Benghazi, Tobruk and Sabha, as well as Leptis Magna, Cyrene, Sabratha… Still, a lot pending. I wish I could have travelled more. Hope to be back soon!" Sabadell concluded.