The House of Representatives' designated government said that Niger's Foreign Minister, pledged to reconsider his country's decision to open the border with Libya.

The Minister of African Affairs in the parallel government, Essa Abdelmajid, met on Saturday with the Prime Minister of Niger, his Minister of Foreign Affairs, and ministry officials in Niger, according to a statement issued by the government.

In the meeting held in Niger's city of Gendarmerie, close to the Libyan border, Abdelmajid discussed with Nigerien officials the file of illegal immigration and bilateral cooperation, and the file of opening a consulate in the city of Sabha.

Last August, the coup leaders in Niger announced the reopening of air and land borders with a number of neighboring countries, including Libya, after closing them earlier.

Last November, Niger's coup leaders announced repealing a law criminalizing the smuggling of illegal immigrants through Niger to northern countries.