A number of members of the Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) threatened to stop the flow of gas from the Mellitah Oil and Gas Complex and close all oil facilities in the country if the government did not implement the decisions to increase their salaries and grant them their agreed-upon rights.

Protesting members of the PFG said in a video statement in front of the Complex’s headquarters in the east of the city of Zuwara that the employees "suffer marginalization and exclusion and work in difficult as well as bad conditions, despite officials’ promises to enable them to receive all their dues,” indicating that the decision to close the main valve of the gas pipeline to the Mellitah Complex came after all solutions were in vain.

The PFG explained that the closure process would take place gradually, provided that coordination was made with the rest of the members across the country, so that the closure affects the rest of the fields, ports, and oil facilities in the coming days in the event that the government did not respond to their demands.

The Mellitah Oil and Gas Complex is the center for exporting Libyan gas to Italy via the Greenstream gas pipeline, and includes crude processing facilities on an area of ​​approximately 355 hectares, in addition to tanks for crude oil and other liquid products.