The Prime Minister Abdel Hamid Dbeibah, has renewed his refusal to settle migrants in Libya, calling on the European Union and neighboring countries to cooperate with Libya and support its efforts in this regard.

Dbeibah stressed on his Facebook page that Libyan national security is a red line that it will not be allowed to cross it under any circumstances, in order to preserve the country and its demographic map, according to him.

Libya is capable of organizing everything related to the entry of foreigners, he added, pointing to the government's keenness to provide humanitarian assistance to migrants, to facilitate their return to the countries from which they came, and to continue targeting migrant smuggling dens.

PM Dbeibah also affirmed support for the agreement of the Interior Ministries of Tunisia and Libya regarding the removal of migrants from the borders to protect the common borders, and facilitate the movement of citizens of the two countries.