The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has accused Russia of working to destabilize Libya and escalate tensions, saying in a presser in Greece that Washington and Athens are working to improve naval cooperation to block Moscow's malign activities in the region.

Earlier in a meeting in Rome with the Italian Foreign Minister, Luigi di Maio, Pompeo said Washington was ready to use its diplomacy to reach a solution in Libya, saying the situation on the ground in Libya got improved and that they should seize the opportunity.

He also indicated that all Libyan parties are now in contact with one another, saying the US supports the initiative of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to back up 5+5 joint talks.

The US Secretary of State also indicated that Washington was in support of the well-being of Libyans and said that a ceasefire was very significant from the Libyan people, stressing that oil production and exports must remain operational.