Presidential Council condemns human trafficking, probes claims of slave auctions in Libya

Presidential Council condemns human trafficking, probes claims of slave auctions in Libya

November 23, 2017 - 23:14
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Presidential Council (PC) has reiterated that the Libyan Attorney General's Office and the concerned authorities have started probing the CNN report about slave auctions in Libya.

"Slavery and human trafficking are inhuman and a crime against humanity." The PC said in a statement on Thursday.

It added that if the media reports were proven true, all the individuals involved in the crime will be punished.

The PC urged all the local and international parties to cooperate with the Libyan Attorney General's Office and provide the needed information that can help unveil the truth about "this horrendous crime that is foreign to Libyan society and is done secretly by smuggling gangs and organized crimes' networks."

"The international community should not just feel sorry for such crimes but should also take some action against them no matter where the crimes took place, knowing that such crimes exist in different African and European countries." The statement adds.

The PC also added that over a million African workers used to work in Libya and the number decreased due to the current crisis in the country to tens of thousands who work legally in Libya.

"We are the victim of this illegal immigration crisis and not the source. Libya doesn't hold the key to ending the crisis, so the international community should help the country stop migrants flow at the southern borders and develop the detention centers of those migrants in the country or tackle the issues of the source countries so the migrants can stop taking the risk." The statement further explained.

It also said that stability in Libya can end the migration issue, hoping that the international community would help the country find a political solution that can allow it to stand powerful again and fight the smuggling networks as well as secure its borders.

Meanwhile, CNN reported days ago that there had been human rights violations against immigrants in Libya, revealing what it said was a slave auction, causing waves of outrage locally and internationally.