A statement issued by pro-Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) members of the House of Representatives (HoR) in Tobruk has criticized the silence adopted by the authorities regarding the current escalation at the oil crescent region.

"With the advent of the general command of the Libyan army, the oil crescent region has seen many kidnaps, forced disappearances, torture cases, and other crimes against the youth and the elderly." The HoR members indicated.

They added that the acts conducted by the forces of the so-called army led by Khalifa Haftar in the oil crescent region are flagrant violations of the international laws and human rights.

"We call on all international and local law organizations to have a stand against those violations." The statement of the HoR members adds.

It remarked that the HoR and its so-called transitional government as well as the general forces command of Khalifa Haftar are the ones equally responsible for the safety of the persons, who are detained or held in a forced disappearance situation.