80 pro-Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) Tobruk parliament’s members have spoken their breakup with the Presidential Council (PC) today.

In a statement on Wednesday, the MPs called for reshuffling the executive authority so the PC becomes of one president and two deputies, besides a prime minister that should form a national unity government that gets endorsed by Tobruk House of Representatives.

“UNSMIL should support this step by inviting the dialogue committees of HoR and High Council of State (HCS) to talks.” The statement reads.

The statement reiterated support for political solutions in Libya, rejecting violence and chaos as well as using a military medium to gain power.

“An executive authority that is united and represents all Libyans is needed so it paves the way for elections and the end of the transitional phase.” The statement adds.

Many have been calling for dialogue between the HoR and HCS to reshape the PC and form a unity government, accusing the PC of failing to deliver and of being controlled by militias that are in fact the ones calling the shots, according to the statement.

Heavy clashes are still raging on in Tripoli amid mobilization of fighters and military might as the PC tried to contain the conflict.