UAE's Al-Aan news TV aired Tuesday a video showing a Russian mercenary fighter talking about his time in Libya with other Russian mercenaries fighting for Khalifa Haftar's forces.

Igor Kolikov, the Russian mercenary, said he was in Tripoli suburbs training Haftar's forces in guerrilla warfare and other tactics such as storming into buildings as well as defense tactics.

The mercenary, who identified as part of Wagner Group, said he was injured in southern Tripoli then sent to Russia for medical treatment, adding that he and his fellow mercenaries don't care who they are fighting for as long as they are being paid for it.

Libyan Army under the command of Presidential Council's government has said several times that it has targeted Russian mercenaries in southern Tripoli, which is also reported in Russian media. However, Haftar denied before his spokesman Ahmed Al-Mismari had confirmed Russian presence as technicians and training cadres in the wake of US news reports about over 1400 Russian mercenaries fighting for Haftar's forces in Libya.