The son of Muammar Gaddafi, "Saadi", is seeking to sell his apartment in Toronto, Canada, which remains subject to an asset freeze by the United Nations Security Council, The Canadian-based newspaper The Globe and Mail has reported.

A document seen by the newspaper shows that Saadi drew up special power of attorney authorizing a fellow Libyan with connections to Canada as his representative on all matters relating to the luxury condo, including a possible sale.

According to the publisher, the document titled Special Power of Attorney for Use in Canada was registered at the Libyan consulate in Istanbul in November 2022.

In 2011, the UN Security Council imposed a financial freeze on the Gadhafi family, including Saadi Gadhafi, that applies to all his assets, including his Toronto condo, which he bought for $ 1.55 million in 2008.

Saadi, now 50, is strapped for cash following his imprisonment, and his decision to designate a power of attorney is part of a broader plan to sell his Toronto penthouse, the newspaper quoted sources as saying.

Attached to the power of attorney was the seal of the Libyan Government of National Unity, Saadi's signature, his fingerprint, and a witness attestation from Libya’s Consul General in Istanbul to authenticate Saadi's signature, the publisher says.

The newspaper also confirmed that the Canadian police had obtained a copy of the power of attorney in its possession, but on the other hand declined to comment on whether they are investigating the matter, even though an attempted sale of the apartment by Saadi would be an apparent contravention of the UN asset freeze.

The newspaper noted that the issue comes at a time when Canada faces international criticism for its failure to find and freeze dirty money and for its lax enforcement of international sanctions.