The municipal council of Sabha in southern Libya slammed International Organization of Migration's report about the existence of modern-day slave market in the city as a shock, expressing bewilderment about such allegations.

In a statement, the municipality added that it felt dismayed about IOM's allegations that are missing any proof or evidence, stressing that it supported its report information with details from illegal immigrants, who want to obtain humanitarian asylum status, not via fact-check and investigation.

"The report is a false rumor-based vision and will eventually lead to giving the public humanitarian and legal opinions plenty of misconceptions." The statement reads.

It added that the report of the IOM is a clear attempt to pass an agenda that aims at settling immigrants in Libya, warning the IOM that the municipality will take the issue to the court to protect the reputation of the city and the city's residents.

IOM published a report last week saying African migrants were being sold in modern-day salve auctions located in public market and cars parking lots in Sabha.