Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi has blamed the February revolution, which toppled and killed his father Muammar Gaddafi after 42 years in reign, and the subsequent instability responsible for the collapse of the Derna dams and the death of thousands of people in the city.

“The lack of a state in Libya and the chaos that has prevailed in the country since 2011, as well as the fact the Libyan people are paying the price of an absurd, childish conflict between governments scattered here and there, sham governments, are behind the disaster." Saif Gaddafi said. 

Gaddafi also accused Haftar's forces and the security apparatuses in Derna of worsening the disaster after they asked residents not to leave their homes and imposed a curfew in the city.

He warned against stealing the budget that would be allocated to the reconstruction of Derna and said the parties that failed to spend the $2 billion that they promised two years ago to reconstruct Derna as a result of its destruction would not be able to spend the $10 billion that they promised the city now.