The House of Representatives "put the train back on track," says Aqila Saleh, Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR), citing the House's adoption of the electoral laws last week.

Addressing representatives of eastern tribes, Aqila alleged that the Parliament has agreed with the High Council of State on a mechanism to form a new government, urging the tribes to exert pressure locally and internationally to speed up the process.

He recalled the HoR's step in which it repealed the political isolation law, saying it was to "reunite Libyans" and ensure no one was excluded.

Denying any flaws in the election laws, Aqila said the Parliament cannot issue laws to exclude or include any candidate.

According to the HoR speaker, the head of the High Electoral Commission, Imad El-Sayeh was handed the laws during a visit to the former and "was ready to implement the elections" if there was a single government.

"The House of Representatives carried out the national entitlement unanimously among its members and without hesitation," he added, indicating that some countries were surprised that the HoR had issued the laws, as many had bet against it.

The HoR head cautioned that this might be the last opportunity to reunite Libya and to form one government, otherwise, the rift will deepen further, as he put it.