The Libyan Foreign Minister of the Government of National Accord, Mohammed Sayala, called on the Arab League to support the newly elected executive authority in Libya, saying at the ministerial meeting in Cairo that the new executive authority is prioritizing paving the way for elections on time by 2021's end.

Sayala urged the Arab League to issue a clear call for the departure of all foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya to preserve the stability and security as well as sovereignty of the country and the Arab national security in a larger context.

"We won't be able to carry out general elections and end the transitional phase to achieve stability. We have had positive steps such as the ceasefire agreement as part of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission meetings in Geneva, which later led also to the release of several prisoners of war." He added.

Sayala also talked about demining efforts and the reopening of flights among cities as well as reopening coastal road between west and east Libya