The Acting Head of the UN mission in Libya, Stephanie Koury, will deliver her first briefing to the Security Council this June, according to a statement issued by the Security Council.

According to the statement, Koury will address the recent political, security and humanitarian developments in Libya, while Japanese Ambassador to the United Nations, in his capacity as Chairman of the Sanctions Committee pertaining on Libya, will give a briefing on the committee’s activities.

In this bimonthly briefing, the Security Council focuses on supporting the political momentum toward holding national elections that could unify the divided governments in Libya, according to the Security Council’s statement, as Council members see the importance of strengthening common political ground between competing legislative bodies in order to reach an agreement on electoral laws.

The Security Council intends to invite representatives of the League of Arab States and the African Union to speak about their organizations’ participation in the political and reconciliation process in Libya. It has pointed out that despite agreement on the importance of reaching a comprehensive Libyan-led political process that leads to elections which restore stability to the country, the broader geopolitical tension continues to influence the Security Council’s dynamics regarding Libya.

The statement voiced the concern of the United States and other Western members about Russia’s increasing influence in eastern Libya under the control of Khalifa Haftar, while Russia blames Western countries for the current instability and accuses them of trying to exploit Libyan oil reserves.