The deputy spokesman for the Sudanese Rapid Support Forces Adam Saleh said they had intercepted and detained 160 persons on the border in northern Darfur as they were headed to Libya to work as soldiers of fortune.

Saleh said, according to Sudanese News Agency, that the people who had been detained include some children and Syrian nationals as they were going to fight for Khalifa Haftar’s forces in Libya.

He also indicated that illegal immigrants are now going to another extreme, that is; participating as mercenaries in the fighting in Libya.

Sudanese Rapid Support Forces spokesman Jamal Jumua said on June 28 that they had detained 122 persons including eight children as they were headed to work as mercenaries in Libya, yet he denied that there were any official Sudanese forces in Libya.

He also said that 72 of the detained men would face charges under emergency laws for arms purchase, recruiting children and looting, while the other 50 would be sent to police.