A Swiss court obliged the son of former Secretary of the General People's Committee in Muammar Gaddafi's regime Shukri Ghanem to pay $1.5 million in a corruption case in favor of the Swiss government instead of the National Oil Corporation.

The lawyer of Mohammed Ghanem, who heads a Bahrain-based Islamic investment bank, told Reuters that he might consider an appeal, as "it is a judgment based on mistaken findings," according to his statement.

Reuters noted that this case is one of the rare international cases brought against the Gaddafi-era elite.

In its ruling, the Federal Criminal Court said that it found Muhammad Ghanem "guilty of passive bribery of foreign public officials" without disclosing further details of the alleged incident.

Meanwhile, Reuters revealed that the plaintiff in the case, Libya's National Oil Corporation, had sought $1.5 million in compensation, but the court dismissed it and instead ordered Ghanem to pay that amount to the Swiss government, but at the same time, it ordered him to pay the expenses incurred by the National Oil Corporation, estimated at 50,000 Swiss francs.