The Council of Tajoura Elders said in a statement on Sunday that it has some qualms over the continued detention of three persons who have been arrested for "Mitiga incidents" despite the fact that the remainder of persons involved in the incidents are now freed after Souq Jumua and Tajoura's agreement.

"The three prisoners have not been released and are being mistreated as well as their families have been harassed while visiting them in Mitiga prison." The council said.

It also said that if the airport has not been evacuated from the armed formations, tensions could rise, referring to the Special Deterrence Force (SDF.)

They also called for allowing legitimate authorities to be in control of the airport and for handing the control of the prison inside the airport to the justice ministry, urging for probing violations of human rights inside the prison.

"We are ready to cooperate with all efforts to establish justice and stability in Libya." The council added.

Souq Jumua and Tajoura signed an agreement days ago to end the tension between them and set free the detainees from both sides.

The Presidential Council issued an order releasing inmates from different prisons including the SDF-run Mitiga prisons, excluding the prisoners charged with criminal and terrorist counts.

According to observers, SDF is still running the prison and is detaining tens of persons who have different set of thoughts from it without any charges, ignoring calls by human rights bodies and local entities.