The Souq Al-Jumua municipality in Tripoli has asked all of the members of House of Representatives (HoR), who are representing it and even the rest of MPs, to resign by February 17 and called for withdrawing confidence from the HoR.

The municipality accused in a joint statement for all the components of the district the HoR and the High Council of State of hindering the solution of the crisis in the country on purpose by devising sham laws for elections “and by again trying now to extend their mandates without setting a date for handing over power for a new HoR that is elected by the people in two months if their intentions were true, but they set a date in over a year!”

The statement said Libyans have no choice but to hold parliamentary elections under the supervision of a national commission that is selected by the people and approved by their municipalities away from foreign intervention so that the new parliament can later elect a government directly with a consensus by all Libyans before the end of the mandate of the Government of National Unity. The newly elected government can then oversee the drafting of a constitution and holding elections.