A delegation composed of Muslim scholars headed by the Secretary-General of the Palestinian Scholars Association, Nawaf Takrouri, paid a visit on Tuesday to the High Council of State (HCS) HQ in Tripoli.

Welcoming the group was the HCS Head Muhammed Takala, who praised the Islamic scholars' role in stabilizing and supporting the nations during crises.

The delegation included the Secretary-General of the League of Muslim Scholars, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Karim, and the head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars' branch, Dr. Abdul Wahab Akanji.

The parties exchanged notes on the "brutal practices carried out by the Zionist entity in Palestine, the massacres and heinous crimes it commits against civilians, and ways for Muslims to support their brothers in Gaza and Palestine in general," the HCS said.

The visit of the Islamic elites to Libya came at an invitation of the host country, the Palestinian Scholars Association noted.

During their stay, the group conducted several scientific symposiums and engaged in public dialogues to raise awareness of Palestinian rights and suffering.